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Appointments can now be made for the Asthma and COPD clinic as well as general treatment room and ladies clinic.

Meningitis Vaccination for Teenagers:
You may have heard on the BBC or read in the papers about a vaccination aganst menigitis for a specific vulerable age group.  
From next week (August 10th 2015) we are expecting a delivery of the Meningitis Vaccine W and will be targetting the teenage age group and in particular those who will be moving off to University in the Autumn.  This is a major advance in the prevention of Meningitis in this age group and we would firmly advise all those offered to take advantage.
For details see the story on BBC website by following this link

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If you require urgent treatment that cannot wait until the surgery is next open telephone 0300 1235566

Research in Primary Care

To enable us, as your GP's, to provide you with the best and up-to-date care we need to keep up with modern medicine and treatment.  There are many ways for us to do this and we all engage in continued professional development by attending courses, completing on-line modules or doing postgradute exams and diplomas.  
Research into real time disease trends, treatment and managment is an issue which is not just "local" to our surgery but involves the community and beyond.  By understanding and looking at the way others work we can provide a much more efficient and seamless service.
This document explains how we engage in national research programs using anonymised data collected from the information we gather in our daily consultations.  
A code can then be attached to your records to prevent this.

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Order repeat prescriptions

See important information in the box below regarding repeat medication

Important Information about your Medication

Please make every effort to keep your repeat medication synchronised so that, when possible, all are due and issued at the same time.

Please let us know if any of the medication which appears on your repeat slip are no longer used.  If a preparation is not requested in the last  SIX months it will be removed from the list.

We provide a Medication Review Service by our attached pharmacy advisers.  This can be done in the surgery or, for those who are house bound, our pharmacist will visit you.  This enables us to keep our records acurate and also ensures safe prescribing and avoids potential medication interactions.  If you would like this service please make a request via reception.